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Unsurpassed Warranty

I have had my windows from Windows USA for over 10 years. The other day we noticed a couple of issues, one of them was a shattered outside pane of glass that I broke while mowing grass one day.  I called Windows USA thinking that the warranty that they advertise would not cover what was wrong with my windows, I was very wrong. The pleasant customer service lady had me take pictures and document on each one what the issue was on the window.  I then mailed them in and within a week or so I received a call back from the lady and was told my replacement sashes were being built and when completed they would give me a call for the installation date. The installer, Mike, was very professional about everything and corrected it all without question. I can honestly say you might pay just a little bit more when you get replacement vinyl windows from Windows USA but their warranty is unsurpassed.  I have received my money worth with the 100% lifetime warranty, with no questions asked and just a little bit of documentation so they can make sure your issue is resolved.  Windows USA is a great company and I will definitely be using them again in the future and will continue to tell my friends and family about them to participate in the referral program for incentives.

Guy C.