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Sincere Care

I am writing in regards to the service I received on January 31 and February 1, 2019. Let me begin by telling you that I first came in contact with your employees when they were replacing windows at my neighbor’s house. I noticed that the work being done was neat and professional. I met Wayne, the installer, on January 31 when it was my time to have my windows replaced. Wayne and his workers were courteous and personable! Wayne took the time to explain the window replacement procedure and worked diligently the entire time. They were all very professional: there was no loud music, smoking, or excessive breaks. What a joy! I have a Great Dane and two Shih Tzu’s around the house and your employees were respectful and kind to me and my dogs. I will recommend your service to everyone I know. Wayne, Bubba, and AJ are an asset to your company and represent your product in the best way possible! Any company would be well-served to keep such dedicated employees. When receiving service at home, it can be an apprehensive event. I was skeptical about allowing strangers into my home. Wayne, Bubba, And AJ dispelled any anxiety I had with their sincere care in replacing my windows and making me feel comfortable. It there is any employee recognition that your company gives for a job well done it is deserved by them.

Thank you to your company. I am thrilled with my new windows and glad I decided to get them done.

Loraine C.