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Rewarded Immediately

Windows USA has an awesome product. I had 15 windows installed and was immediately rewarded with sound reduction from the highway noise behind my house. I’ve also noticed that the air conditioner isn’t running as often as it did before. Bill gave me the free estimate, leading off his presentation with a $100 gift card for me for just listening. Scott installed my windows in one day, albeit a long day. He cleaned up everything so that inside and outside the new windows was spick and span. Two of my neighbors saw the windows and wanted Windows USA to talk to them, which happened today. Another friend heard the talk this morning and has already decided to purchase the windows.

I did quite a bit of research on vinyl double pane windows, but these windows were even better than I expected. Do your research before you listen to the spiel so you can ask good questions. You will be amazed at how good these windows are. They come with a life time warranty so that if a pane ever breaks, they’ll have a new one made and installed before you know it. 

Robin P.