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Great company all around

I am writing this on behalf of the two young men that installed my windows. Windows USA should be very proud of these two young men and how they conducted themselves at my house. If I listed all the positive things they did, it would take the whole page. These two young men are top of the line in my book. And I felt comfortable with them in our house. They are young but the quality of work is very satisfying. I retired at Goodyear & Rubber Co. and I have a very high standard. I am also a stickler on things done right. I do not know if this is taught in training or they took it upon themselves to do this quality of work. Saying all I have said about these two young men- They should be put on as many job sites as possible. I am very honest about what I have said and if they had not met my standards I would have told you (trust me).

Johnny & Sherry S.

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